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Booking NOW for February & March 2023! 


Thanks for stopping by and your interest in my Florida tours. 


Since 2002, I've been performing my unique solo shows in New England, New Jersey, New York and more recently in Florida, for a variety of venues such as libraries, retirement communities, senior centers, historical societies, women's groups, and performing arts spaces.


I will be touring Florida once again in 2023 with some new shows!

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You may contact me about availability, pricing, block booking DISCOUNTS and particular dates or if you have any other questions. The best way to get a hold of me is via my email or by cell phone: 978-430-1357.  Looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy your day!



"I have chosen selections from Waterfall Productions for years because they are engaging, unusual, quality shows which our audiences have loved. We appreciate her choices of under the radar women, whose stories are well researched, creatively entertaining, and thought provoking.  Waterfall Productions is easy to contact, work with, and is affordable... We are always thrilled when a new play or activity is generated and look forward to the experience!' -Annie Wuelfing Service Coordinator MHPI, Inc. 

NEW for 2023!

Travel back to 1908 Florida with your hostess, Mrs. Michael Gordon. She will regale her tea time guests (the audience) with observations about life at the turn of the 20th century, including shopping in a department store, transportation, fashions and more. This is an interactive performance where the audience can ask questions of Mrs. Gordon and add their "Two cents" to the discussion if they wish.


60 minute interactive performance

"Rita Parisi presents delightful performances of historic characters. It's clear how much research she does to bring characters to life, right down to the gloves and hats and the activities of daily life. I have attended a number of her performances, and whenever I hear she's doing a new one I make sure not to miss it! Highly recommend."

-Edith Maxwell, author of the Quaker Midwife Mysteries

Meet some of the women, loyalist and patriot, American born and foreign, who witnessed and in some cases changed the course of the American Revolution.


Some of the women, Rita will portray:

  • A Massachusetts housewife who led an all female militia in search of British spies.
  • A German Baroness POW
  • A Georgian farmer's wife who fought the Red Coats and WON!



  Features full set and printed programs for audience.  

 60 min performance with discussion afterward

"I was spell-bound by the passion that you put into your performance to bring these women to life for us.  When I spoke of your show to my friends, they asked "what new information did you learn?"   My answer was "everything".    All five ladies that you portrayed were unknown to me.   Not anymore! ...We specifically drove to  see your show and we were not disappointed.   Thank your for an entertaining, educational and totally fun time.   I just love your enthusiasm! " 

- Steffi Small, audience member at Andover MA Senior Center performance 


Born Salamah bint Said, Princess of Zanzibar, in 1844, Emily Reute grew up in a harem as the youngest child of the Sultan of Oman and Zanzibar. In this show, she will share with the audience the story of her life from her childhood on Zanzibar and her involvement in politics to her elopement with a German trader and her married life in Germany. The former princess will also speak about women's rights in Eastern and  Western culture.  In the words of Oscar Wilde

"The Princess is herself a woman of high culture, and the story of her life is as instructive as history and as fascinating as fiction.”



                                              Features set and printed program for audience

                                                   60 minutes with discussion afterward


"Many thanks for bringing the Arabian princess to our stage...it's a wonderful piece in addition to being so very timely. We were transported into a world of wonders and stirring human drama."  

-Marc Clopton

Artistic Director, Actors Studio of Newburyport MA