Outdoor Performances

May-October 2021


Hello and thanks for stopping by. 


The uncertainty of the pandemic have left venues wondering if they should host live performances. With the arrival of vaccines, outside life performances are now a viable option for many venues. If this option is something you want to consider, keep reading. 


What I will provide? 

  • A show (see below for available shows)
  • Props and staging 
  • Canopy or lighting if needed
  • Sound system
  • Publicity packet and flyer

What I need from you?

  • A suitable performance area. It can be grassy or hardtop (asphalt or cement). Dirt is OK but not gravel. A protected outside area if possible.
  • Electrical outlet (if lighting is needed) 
  • Table(s) if requested
  • The audience! 

Choose from these Shows 

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 Join Mrs. Gordon, a middle class lady from 1908 for afternoon tea as she shares stories about her life during the turn of the 20th century.  


           Different themes available.




Meet Emily Reute, a former princess of Zanzibar and learn about her life growing up as the youngest child of the sultan of Zanzibar and later her married life in Germany. 




Theatrical Presentations of 19th & 20th century Gothic literature written by women.