Outdoor Performance Options May-August 2021


Hello and thanks for stopping by. 


The uncertainty of the pandemic have left venues wondering if they should host live performances. Many have  eliminated them altogether and have switched to virtual options. Unfortunately though, my shows are ill suited for virtual performance. So, I decided to continue to do what I do best: LIVE PERFORMANCE. Only through this medium, could I continue to give my audiences a high quality show that they will love. If an outdoor performance is something you want to consider, keep reading. 


What do I need from you?

  • A suitable performance area. It can be grassy or hardtop (asphalt or cement). Dirt is OK but not gravel. 
  • Electrical outlet (if lighting is needed) 
  • Table if requested
  • The audience!

What I will provide?

  • A show (see below for available shows)
  • Props and staging. 
  • Canopy or lighting if needed
  • Sound system
  • Publicity packet and flyer

Choose from these Shows

1908 Tea

In 1908, the world was on the cusp of change. The traditions of the Victorians were giving way to a more modern way of thinking and living. Mrs. Gordon,  a woman having lived in both the 19th and 20th century, has a lot to say about all these new changes. Her stories will highlight  technology, sports, fashion, beauty and   more.     Perfect for Mother's Day Events!                                                                

Victorian Courtship Tea 

How did young ladies and gentlemen become acquainted during the time of Queen Victoria? Why by COURTSHIP of course! Victorian Courtship was a ritual in which etiquette, romance and socializing played an essential part. So return to a time of romance, balls, fluttering fans, gossip and scandals as Mrs. Gordon reminisces about her courtship days.  Perfect for Mother's Day                                                                          

                 Summertime Tea

Beachside resorts and amusement parks were all the rage at the turn of the 20th century. People of all classes enjoyed  dancing, vaudeville, moving pictures, rides, spectacular thrilling shows and more.  So join  Mrs. Gordon as she tells you all about her day at the beach and an amusement park in 1908.  Ages 10 and up.