The Shows
Gothic Tales
by Candlelight

Waterfall Productions is the brainchild of
Massachusetts based performer, Rita Parisi. She
founded her little production company in 2002 in
order to create original
presentations that entertain and inspire her
audiences. Her unique shows highlight her
passion for
storytelling, theatre ,history,
costuming, and
literature. Her love for her work is
evident in every performance whether it be 19th
century Gothic
Victorian tales, afternoon tea with
an Edwardian lady, or a one-woman play about
the roaring 20's flapper,
Zelda Fitzgerald.
Rita's thought provoking shows, though inspired
by the past, are very relevant to modern
audiences everywhere; creating for them an
unforgettable theatrical experience.

These shows are theatrical in quality with most
featuring sets, stage lighting, optional talk backs
and of course, always beautiful costumes.
Teas in Time are interactive performances.

Upon booking, you will receive press materials
as well as a set-up PDF poster to print out.
Depending on which performance you decide to
book, you may also receive a PDF or a printed
show program.

Every show from Waterfall Productions is
available for touring. Rita has performed her
shows in New England, New Jersey and New
York but is available to tour nationwide and
possibly internationally.

Waterfall Productions can be adapted to most
venue spaces, whether it be a small/medium
theater space to a community room or other
public space.

Waterfall Productions has had the pleasure of
performing for audiences of all ages and from
different backgrounds at senior centers, libraries,
women's clubs, historical societies, tea houses,
private parties, bridal showers and the list goes

Rita loves to perform for special events and has
shows for the
holiday/Christmas season ,
Halloween, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day,
tea parties, and special events. Even an all
ages ornament making workshop is available.
Make Waterfall Productions a part of your next
Contact Rita and she'll be glad to advise
you on the appropriate program for your

Shows range from
$250-$650, so contact Rita
for pricing on a particular show.
Founder and Performer, Rita Parisi
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Theatrical storytelling adaptations of
19th and 20th century short stories
by women.
Join Mrs. Gordon, a middle class lady
from 1908 for afternoon tea as she
shares stories about her life during the
turn of the 20th century.
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different themed Teas in Times!
75 minute one-act play about Zelda
Sayre Fitzgerald who was not just the
wife and muse of F. Scott Fitzgerald, but
also the epitomy of the 1920's woman.
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Waterfall Productions
“The distinction between past,
present, and future is only a
stubbornly persistent illusion”
                 -Albert Einstein