Gothic Tales by Candlelight

*Theatrical Storytelling, NOT READINGS, of Gothic Literature written by Women

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Gothic Victorian Tales  by Candlelight 


Enter the world of 19th c. New England regional writer, Sarah Orne Jewett with this theatrical presentation. Meet a family embroiled in a family curse, an odd stranger who comes to a small town and an old woman who may or may not immortal.                                                  

   50 minutes with Q & A 

  Mature Tweens and up

"... Rita portrayed author Sarah Orne Jewett and performed the essence of three of her Gothic tales - some of which inspired Lovecraft. A stunning, riveting performance with a voice you don't want to relinquish!"

-Edith Maxwell award winning author of the Quaker Midwife Series of books


"Rita Parisi's presentation of Gothic Victorian Tales by Candlelight is transporting. She enters the room as Sarah Orne Jewett in period dress, silently evoking Jewett's time and place. She speaks as Jewett, the storyteller, and as Jewett's characters, and is so true, so effortless in her delivery that Rita is, in turn, each of them. Against a simple backdrop and so few props, what Rita does is no less than magical, no less mysterious and mystical than Jewett's work itself."

-Susan Odencrantz  audience member, Cape Elizabeth Maine

Gothic GHOST Tales 

by Candlelight


Some of the most imaginative and original writers  in the 20th century have been women. In their ghost stories, they have probed the possibilities of other dimensions in time and human consciousness. They've mixed old fashion ghosts and science  fiction  to create the modern ghost story. Highlighted in this  presentation, will be stories, spanning from early 20th century to mid-century, from Rose MacCaulay, Agatha Christie and Virginia Layefsky. 


50 Minutes with Q & A

Mature 10 & up