Victorian Themed Shows

These presentations are perfect for any Victorian inspired event whether it be a tea party, themed fair, or museum special occasion. 



Join Mrs. Gordon, a middle class lady from 1908 for  afternoon tea as she shares stories about her life during the turn of the 20th century. Four different themes available for all times of the year. Walkabouts are her specialty. Click on icon (left) to learn more.

Gothic Victorian Tales    by Candlelight


Enter the world of 19th c. New England regional writer, Sarah Orne Jewett with this theatrical presentation. Meet a family embroiled in a family curse, an odd stranger who comes to a small town and an old woman who may or may not immortal.


   50 minutes with Q & A 

  Mature Tweens and up

"Rita Parisi's presentation of Gothic Victorian Tales by Candlelight is transporting. She enters the room as Sarah Orne Jewett in period dress, silently evoking Jewett's time and place. She speaks as Jewett, the storyteller, and as Jewett's characters, and is so true, so effortless in her delivery that Rita is, in turn, each of them. Against a simple backdrop and so few props, what Rita does is no less than magical, no less mysterious and mystical than Jewett's work itself."


-Susan Odencrantz, audience member,  Cape Elizabeth ME