"I have chosen Rita Parisi’s selections from Waterfall Productions for years because they are engaging, unusual, quality shows which our audiences have loved. We appreciate her choices of under the radar women, whose stories are well researched, creatively entertaining, and thought provoking. Also because they emphasize and focus on women as the primary character, and when these women and their stories are brought to light all of us benefit. Waterfall Productions is easy to contact, work with, and is affordable through Local Cultural Grants or other avenues of assistance. We are always thrilled when a new play or activity is generated and look forward to the experience!"


-Annie Wuelfing

Service Coordinator MHPI Spencer MA


"It has been our very great pleasure to have had the opportunity to host Rita Parisi of Waterfall Productions four times. Rita is a consummate professional, and her programs are always very well received. In fact, on her first visit there was a bad snow storm coming and we thought of ending early so attendees wouldn't get caught in it. However, the audience was so engrossed that the program ran long. Her most recent presentation with us, "Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar" was another crowd pleaser. I cannot recommend hosting a program with Rita Parisi highly enough."


-Jason P. Cavanaugh

Reference Librarian Forbush Memorial Library  Westminster MA  



Gothic Tales by Candlelight

"Rita Parisi's presentation of Gothic Victorian Tales by Candlelight is transporting. She enters the room as Sarah Orne Jewett in period dress, silently evoking Jewett's time and place. She speaks as Jewett, the storyteller, and as Jewett's characters, and is so true, so effortless in her delivery that Rita is, in turn, each of them. Against a simple backdrop and so few props, what Rita does is no less than magical, no less mysterious and mystical than Jewett's work itself."

-Susan Odencrantz, audience member,  Cape Elizabeth ME

"This afternoon at the Whittier Home Museum, Rita portrayed author Sarah Orne Jewett and performed the essence of three of her Gothic tales - some of which inspired Lovecraft. A stunning, riveting performance with a voice you don't want to relinquish!"

-Edith Maxwell, author of the Quaker Midwife Series of books


I am Zelda

"Your performance of Zelda was so compelling that I read more about her life online...I strongly feel that your play is phenomenal - you captured her conflicted, gifted, and biochemically unbalanced life... I know that you must have not only explored her life but also immersed yourself into Zelda's experiences in order to have conveyed as much as you did. Today is Day Two and Zelda continues to haunt me." -audience member, performance at the Brick Library in NJ


-Thank you for kicking off the fall programming season with such a marvelous production. I echo the audience's reaction: from the scenery to the professional level of the performance, we truly enjoyed a spectacular show here at Fort Lee. Your mastery of the character as well as the fabulous costume and set design was well appreciated by our patrons who are limited in their travel to New York!


-Olga Kuharets 

Former Program Coordinator, Fort Lee Public Library, NJ

What Audiences have to say about Zelda...

Teas in Time


Reactions from an audience member...




"Charming and animated, (Rita) Parisi brings her audience into the quaint and often humorous world of 1908."  

-Sally Applegate, N.Andover MA Citizen

"Marshfield public library had the pleasure of hosting Rita Parisi (aka "Mrs. Gordon") of Waterfall Productions for two of her tea-time programs: "Summertime Tea" in July 2016 and "Edwardian Christmas Tea" in December 2017. Both were resounding successes with our patrons, and attendance was 35 and 50 people respectively. We were transported back in time to 1908 by an authentically-costumed Mrs. Gordon, who educated us on the style, times and occupations of the turn of the twentieth century. We delighted in the opportunity to serve an elaborate tea and sweets to our patrons to accompany the program, and a good time was had by all. The talented Rita Parisi's presentations are so entertaining and informative. Highly recommended!" 


-Chris Woods 

Adult Programming Marshfield Public Library MA


"Rita Parisi brings her characters to life.   We laughed and had fun as she told us about her shopping spree in 1908.  The audience loved her performance."


-Margie Walker
Local History Librarian                       Amesbury Public Library, MA

"We loved your performance-it was fun, informative and a great excuse to serve a proper. fancy tea and return to a more relaxed time.  A refreshing break. "

-Susan Tallman, Former Director Lunenburg Public Library MA


"Rita Parisi, as the charmingly dressed, Mrs. Gordon, a lady from 1908, entertained and informed the audience.  There was much laughter and all enjoyed a relaxing visit back in time.  Rita's performance would appeal to teenage girls as well as to women of a certain age and beyond."  


-Janet Loske, former director Newburyport Library, MA


"(Rita) Parisi, a charming and animated storyteller, skillfully drew her audience back in time and led her guests in a lively conversation, encouraging questions and comments...an entertaining afternoon with glimpses in the lives of our grandmothers."  -Pelham-Windham NH News



"Rita Parisi, as the character of an elegant fashionista from the turn of the last century, regaled her tea time guests with her observation on everything from the new (Filene's) Bargain Annex to the latest technologies of the time. The underlying theme of her performance is the subtle observations that show the more things have changed, the more they have stayed the same."


-Townsend MA Trilogy



"Thank you for your fantastic Victorian Courtship presentation last Tuesday...Your fans and their meanings, your attractive attire, and especially your pleasant, outgoing manner--All made for a delightful evening."


-Betty Luz

Spindle City Garden Club, Lowell MA

Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar


"Many thanks for bringing the Arabian princess to our stage...it's a wonderful piece in addition to being so very timely. We were transported into a world of wonders and stirring human drama." 


-Marc Clopton,

Artistic Director of the Actors Studio of Newburyport MA


"I am very happy and grateful for your efforts to portray the life and memoirs of my grand aunt, The Princess of Oman and Zanzibar Sayyida Salamah bint Said bin Sultan Al Busaid later Frau Emily Reute...I wish you every success in bringing my grand aunt to the stage.


-Hamoud K Al Said, great grandson of Sultan Ali bin Said of Zanzibar, the elder brother of  Princess Salamah

Women of '76