Shows for the Fall & Haunting Season

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"Rita Parisi is such a wonderful storyteller. I attended her performance of All Hallows Eve Tea and was mesmerized...the story was cute, scary, funny, and I wish it didn't have to end. Rita's costumes are beautiful and her wit is endless. I can't wait to see more of her performances." -Joanne M. Audience Member

Gothic Victorian Tales  by Candlelight


Enter the world of 19th c. New England regional writer, Sarah Orne Jewett with this theatrical presentation. Meet a family embroiled in a family curse, an odd stranger who comes to a small town and an old woman who may or may not immortal.                                                  

   50 minutes with Q & A 

  Mature Tweens and up

"I attended Waterfall Productions'/ Rita Parisi's "Gothic Tales" at the North Haven Library and was simply floored by Ms. Parisi's abilities to enter in and out of characters and to capture an audience. The production was held very close to Halloween and I have to say that even as an adult, it was a bit terrifying! Ms. Parisi is able to enter and exit characters so seamlessly that the characters she seeks to portray literally take life before you.  If you have the opportunity to see her, don't miss one of her solo productions! " Facebook Review Audience Member

Gothic GHOST Tales 

by Candlelight


Some of the most imaginative and original writers  in the 20th century have been women. In their ghost stories, they have probed the possibilities of other dimensions in time and human consciousness. They've mixed old fashion ghosts and science  fiction  to create the modern ghost story.


Highlighted in this  presentation, will be stories, spanning from early 20th century to mid-century, from Rose MacCaulay, Agatha Christie and Virginia Layefsky. 


50 Minutes with Q & A

Mature 10 & up

All Hallows Eve Tea (Not available for 2024)


Join Mrs. Gordon for a tea party perfect for the haunting season. Be chilled and thrilled as she recants some of her own uncanny experiences with the supernatural. Mrs. Gordon will also discuss 19th and early 20th century Halloween traditions as well as Harry Houdini and her recent attendance of a seance.


Great for costumed tea parties, senior and children over 6 years of age who can handle a scary story!