Just a few of the women who Rita Parisi will portray in this show:

  • A Massachusetts housewife who led an all female militia in search of British spies.
  • A German Baroness who followed her Hessian General husband into the British camps
  • A Georgian farmer's wife who took on a search party of Red Coats, all by herself!
  • And OTHERS!

Perfect for schools, colleges, libraries, senior centers, historic societies, women's groups, retirement communities and more!

Women of '76 (c) 2019, All rights reserved. This play may not be performed or reproduced in part or in whole.

"I was spell-bound by the passion that you put into your performance to bring these women to life for us.  When I spoke of your show to my friends, they asked "what new information did you learn?"   My answer was "everything".  Thank your for an entertaining, educational and totally fun time. "

- Steffi Small , audience member